What is More Than Survivors?...

    More Than Survivors is a monthly Christian support letter for the brain injury community. In it, you will find articles, letters, poetry, and art that have been sent in by brain injury survivors and their families, friends, and health care professionals. They share how God has worked in their lives and what He is teaching them since brain injury.

    From time to time, the Good News newsletter accompanies More Than Survivors. It is published by Diana McMaster, who is the mother of a brain injury survivor. In her May 1999 issue, she wrote,  “Good News began with an idea I believe God gave me several years ago.... I started out by saying that when my Christian friends got together, we would remark, ‘I wish we would hear good news—what we need is more good news. The radio, TV and newspapers are filling minds with the very worst the world has to offer.’ So, with God's help, I put together each month some good news.”


About the Name

More Than Survivors

    Survivors is a word that is widely used to describe people with brain injuries. At best, a survivor is someone who continues to function and maybe to prosper in spite of something terrible that has happened.

    We each survived an accident of some sort. So, yes, we are survivors. But in Christ, we are much more than just survivors. In fact, we are told in Romans 8:37 that through Christ, we are more than conquerorsover everything that tries to separate us from Him and His love. And this includes a head injury and all of the many problems that come with it.



How More Than Survivors Came About

    I sustained a brain injury on February 4, 1988 as the pedestrian in an auto-pedestrian accident. The idea for this newsletter came to me a few months after the accident through a friend and cognitive therapist. She planted the seed and watered it slowly and very patiently. And in the meantime, she brought me cognitively to where I could do the work and spiritually to where I saw the need and could accept the responsibility. Among other things, she guided my reading and helped me understand more clearly what God tells us in His Word about how He uses suffering. And I feel that one very important truth about having catastrophic events in our lives is that they set us up to receive special blessings from God.

    Paul, who lived through a catalog of catastrophes, points out in 2 Corinthians 1:3 and 4 that God “comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God” (NIV). I hope that we all can use More Than Survivors to share with each other the comfort—in whatever form it takes—that God has given us and that we will be able to encourage each other to trust God to work His best in and for us.


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